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Mobile Solutions has its own developers for iOS, Android and Windows Phone / Windows 8.
Mobile Solutions - applications for everyone. We have created a wide range of applications for Czech and foreign clients.
We participated in applications for leading Czech companies such as Skoda Auto, T-Mobile, Tesco Stores, etc.


2012-09-07 Application Globus Sommelier helps you with the selection of wine, and recommend a suitable recipe and cheese. Globus comes with a unique application that we developed in cooperation with CCV Informační systémy, Vinařský Institut and the PRIA SYSTEM.
App Store: Globus Sommelier Android Market: Globus Sommelier
2012-03-07 Petr Fulin is not only among Czech fans very popular racing driver, so he decided to expand its channels of communication for mobile applications. We are glad that we participated in its development.
App Store: The Fulda 22 Android Market: The Fulda 22


Development of Mobile Applications

The advent of smartphones has brought new opportunities, phones and tablets to a large extent replaced by classical computers. Simplify access to information, applications on the phone is easy, using a variety of sensors and sensors, allowing to create very effective applications for the job.
The possibilities are unlimited, so you can create for example:
  • reservation systems and credit applications
  • interactive manuals and manuals, product catalogs
  • "Event" applications - to support participants in major events (world Championships, festivals)
  • Client applications for various portals
  • special applications using GPS receivers, cameras and other sensors.
  • Games and other entertainment applications
The market raises a whole series of systems, Mobile Solutions focuses primarily on the significant, but watch closely for minor projects and we are ready to fulfill specific requirements of our clients. We have rich experience in particular with IOS platforms (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone 7.
Our developers are ready for you to develop applications for platforms and Bada (Samsung), Blackberry (RIM) and Symbian (Nokia).

Webdesign and web applications

Web applications are not only standard web pages, with the availability of fast Internet connections are also commonly used as a substitute for traditional applications. Examples of such applications can be 365 Office and Google Docs. The main advantage is the fact that access to the contents of the application only a web browser and Internet access and the data and information available virtually anytime and anywhere. Equally important advantage is the ease of maintenance of such applications when changes are immediately available to all users. Not only these advantages have led to the fact that more and more companies use online CRM, ERP and other systems.
Mobile Solutions offers its customers a complete service in the development of web applications, from simple website to complex systems. In particular, this includes:
  • Classic web site - the company or product presentation
  • community website - website allowing interaction between users, discussion forums, polls, etc.
  • Intranet solutions and enterprise information systems - an application designed for internal use, CRM, ERP, systems to measure
  • advanced web applications - e-shops, discount portals, etc.
  • Developing applications for social networks - Facebook is the largest social network in the world has more than 500 million users, and so is very easy to use to promote the brand or product or market surveys.
During development we use a wide range of tools and environments according to the needs of a particular project, in particular:
  • JavaScript (AJAX, JSON, jQuery)
  • SQL (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Oracle)
  • formats XML, CSV, XLS, KML, SHP
  • SOAP Azure AppFabric
  • Microsoft Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Facebook API, Google API, API, Yahoo API

Graphic design, corporate identity creation

Our graphic designers headed by the main graphic designer Peter Machacek are ready to create a design according to your requirements and ideas. Samples of work, visit . We will create:
  • Logos, business cards, complete corporate identity
  • Web Design
  • Posters and other promotional materials
  • Brand Building